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Regardless of your business activity, you certainly want to ensure that your products, services and procedures meet the appropriate quality and standards, while also complying with relevant legal and regulatory requirements. One of the most reliable ways to obtain an independent assessment in a certain area is to use inspection services.

We offer inspection services and technical inspection in many different fields, taking into account international requirements and specificity of individual markets.

When it is recommended to use inspection services

  • Unique and high-risk products
    • For the production of non-standard products it is necessary to focus on all requirements
  • Remote supplier
    • With our wide network of experts we can get closer to the production than you as a customer
  • Legal requirements
    • When you want to be sure of having complied with all legal requirements

Why to perform inspection with us

  • We have a global network of experienced inspectors across the world
  • Together with our offer we will send an anonymous CV of the inspector so that you can see their expertise and qualifications

Benefits of the Certification 

  • You will get an independent expert assessment 
  • You will get a proof of compliance with requirements of manufacturing procedures, products, services and other processes
  • Well-proven quality and safety 
  • Improved competitiveness
  • Possibility to enter other markets
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